Distressed Real Estate in Brooklyn

Distressed Real Estate in Brooklyn

If you’re looking to get into the game of flipping homes, sure distressed homes are a good option. Distressed homes are sometimes sold for pennies on the dollar. The right neighborhood and selling price of the home could land you a lucrative rental property, or home to flip and sell. At the same time, with a company like Premier Real Estate NYC, you will be giving a New York resident a way out of the awful process of foreclosure.

What is a Distressed Property?

First, let’s examine what a distressed home really is. It is a home that is receiving regular calls and written notices from the lending institution that is looking to regain its asset, which is your home. However, because of the homeowner’s poor financial state, the home’s value may have decreased. They may have let the property go unkempt, or it may have been vandalized. The owner could have stripped the home of its appliances and materials themselves.

What Can You Do With a Distressed Property?

If you’ve landed a distressed property in a great neighborhood, it’s like finding a gem. You just shine it up and pass it along. Some investors who purchase foreclosures in Brooklyn, for example, choose to live in these properties and fix them up themselves. This is a great idea for a beginner investor. You can keep an eye on the property while making the improvements. Leasing is another great idea for a distressed property. You may even find someone that is great with updating homes and you two can work out a deal. Once the home is livable, they can move in and make the rest of the updates. Then you can continue to lease the home to them.

However, after performing the necessary repairs and minor upgrades, most investors sell the home. This can generate you a lucrative profit. You can invest those funds into another project right away. Remember, your goal with distressed properties is to make money. So be sure you work with a real estate agent that specializes in foreclosed homes. They not only can help you find them, but will also find out any unpaid taxes, mortgages, or other judgments against the home so you are not left with surprises. On top of this, you will be giving the previous owner a fair way out of financial crisis.