Inexpensive Ideas to Make Your Home Interior Shine for Short Sales

Inexpensive Ideas to Make Your Home Interior Shine for Short Sales

Once you receive your free consultation from Premier Real Estate NYC, what should your next move be? Well, your realtor, in this case Premier Real Estate NYC, will tell you that you must ensure your home is presentable, making it seem move-in ready for buyers.

Living in your home for so long, you may have grown accustomed to its flaws. It is normal wear and tear on a home; however, buyers will look at it in another light. Here are 5 inexpensive ideas to make your home interior shine to better your chances to sell your home in a short sale.

Clean Your Light Fixtures

Have you ever just looked up at your light fixtures, especially the globe lights? How do bugs get in there you wonder? Well, turn the light off and once it’s cooled down, grab a ladder and carefully take the globe down. Dust the bulbs or replace with energy efficient bulbs, if you have them. Clean the light fixture cover with hot water, let it air dry, then replace.

Clean Heating Vents and Registers

Grab your vacuum hose and brush and start cleaning the vent and register areas. If the dirt and dust is bad, grab a bowl of hot soapy water and a cleaning brush to clean it thoroughly. You can remove the covers and give a deep cleaning if necessary. You might think this information is not valuable, but for a homeowner in hardship, anything and everything helps.

Change Switch and Electrical Socket Plates

Most plates can be removed and cleaned in hot soapy water. For those plates that are not, you can grab new ones at the dollar store. Decorative plates can add a touch of décor to your short sale NYC home.

Clean Up the Stove

Clean the inside and outside of your stove. Allow oven cleaner to sit for a few hours and then clean. If the drip pans are grungy, you can replace them for about $3 each from your local hardware store.

Make Your Hardware Sparkle

Door knobs, door hinges, and cabinet hardware can sparkle again with brass or glass cleaner. Touch up around your entire home.