Is Counseling Right for Your Family

Is Counseling Right for Your Family

Since the 2008 housing crisis, families everywhere have been devastated due to foreclosures. Families in New York City were hit twice as hard between the 2008 housing crisis and Hurricane Sandy – between these two catastrophes; homeowners in New York City have been living in despair for quiet some time now.

Many people have become depressed, and feel they have no hope for the future. Lives change from a foreclosure, and there seems to be no way out. If you are facing foreclosure in NYC, do something about it before it’s too late. Seek counseling for yourself and your family. Premier Real Estate NYC is offering free consultations for homeowners in New York City, and Long Island.

Counseling for Couples

Couples are hit the hardest through a foreclosure. Each may blame the other for getting behind in the mortgage and other bills. Poor financial decisions are the number one reason for divorce in America. Working with a counselor can help you both find ways to stop the blame and work towards building a promising and responsible future.

Children May Not Understand

Your children are affected by foreclosures and moving forcibly from your home. The only thing they are concerned with is staying in their school and neighborhood with their friends. Changing schools and meeting new people is an adjustment, so counselors can be the one they communicate their anger to.

How to Deal With Family and Friends

You may feel embarrassed about your situation. How do you tell your family and friends you fell behind so bad in your mortgage that you now must move. It’s hard enough for your own family to accept. You don’t need judgment and ridicule from outside family members. Counselors can help you deal with the pressures of explaining your situation and the negativity you’ll receive from outsiders.