Premier Real Estate NYC Testimonials

“I would like to thank Premiere Real Estate for the care and sensitivity shown while handling the sale if my property. You kept me updated and even reached out just to see if I was ok. I was treated with the utmost respect. I sing your praises! Keep up the good work”

Cheryll B.

“This testimonial is on behalf of my experience with, Premier Real Estate. I was definitely in dire distress and had lost complete hope in believing anyone would be able to help me get out of my foreclosure situation.”

“Premier Real Estate kept their  word from beginning to end, and I now have been forgiven of the delinquency on my loan. I found them to be very professional and accurate, and without false hope. In my opinion, if your looking for a short sale do be completed without the show & runaround look no further. These guys are well informed, and will have your best interest in mind, while working with you through the whole process.”

- Albert C.


“I was recently called by my bank, and told that my loan was under review for delinquency. They explained that my mortgage would be penalized with additional fees if my payments ended. I was really unsure of my options, and they did not offer me much help.”

“Luckily I came across Premier Real Estate while I was speaking to a friend about my situation. I called them, and the same day, they sent someone out to visit me in my home. I was very impressed with this company. They understand the situation many people are in today and were able to help me tremendously.”

- Celia O. 

“I bought my home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, in 2001. At the time I was making a great living, and I never thought I would fall into a situation like I am today. I was not prepared to move my family to another area and was not left with much trust with my bank.”

“I looked for some advise and came across Premier Real Estate in Brooklyn. Even though I wanted to stay in my home, I could not. Thanks to Premier Real Estate, I was able to put a significant amount of money down on a new house. They even paid for my relocation costs. Recommended.”

- Jose R.

“Jack you and your firm have been very good in assisting me in my short sale at Ave K Brooklyn NY , your team is the best and i will encourage anyone who is facing foreclosure to contact your team .again thank you very much, i have my freedom.”

Jonathan M.


“To whom it may concern
For years i have been getting offers from many people about a solution for my foreclosure property in Brooklyn but I didn’t know who to trust.
The one company that called me for years with personal attention and most care with no pressure at all was NYC Premier Real Estate and my gut feeling told me they are the ones I can trust.
Onces I started working with them i discovered that they were honest people and they delivered on every promise they made to me.
Not only that they got rid of all my foreclosure debt but they also helped me financially with my relocation and other urgent expenses when i needed it the most.
Thanks to them I was able to stand up again on my feet financially and have a new start in my life and be a proud person providing to my family.
I will be forever grateful for their service and I highly recommend Jack Abramson and NYC Premier Real Estate to any person.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!”

Mary B.