Your Children and Their Education after Foreclosure

Your Children and Their Education after Foreclosure

We often think about the trauma families experience from a foreclosure in NYC. It’s embarrassing, confusing, and stressful. Parent’s main concern is to find a place for their families to lay their heads. It often slips their minds about how will this affect their children’s education.

The 2008 housing crisis affected millions of children. Foreclosures in NYC are an emotional and stressful time for children because they are too young to understand what is going on. They often are not receiving a consistent education.

Academic Performance Suffers
Many times, foreclosures leaves families trying to relocate at the last minute. They are staying with family and friends, in and out of hotels, and unfortunately in poorer neighborhoods. A neighborhood with too many foreclosures, especially in NYC, leaves that neighborhood with fewer resources because there are not enough taxes generated in that neighborhood.

All the change is a major disruption in the child’s life. This affects their studying and ability to receive a quality education. Their grades may slip, and depending on how far they now live from school, their attendance could suffer as well.

Children Need Stability with Their Peers
Once forced to switch schools, a child can lose their interpersonal skills. They feel damaged and isolated once they leave their friends. Some children need that stability with their peers to cope with moving from their neighborhood and home.

Behavioral Problems are Present
Some children are not sure how to express their emotions to their parents. Children feel lost and may start to act out. They become disruptive in school and their grades suffer. Without a stable educational environment, children may have no access to the proper resources their school could have provided, such as a trusted counselor.

Working with a professional to help prevent foreclosure on your home is the first step to secure your child’s educational future.